Consulting & Analysis

Cambridge Modelling provides specialist consulting and analysis services in the low carbon and sustainability space for private, public and social sector clients.

Our expertise extends across the range of strategic issues associated with climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as clean technologies relating to energy generation, energy storage, transport, buildings, infrastructure and resource management.

Our consulting and analysis services cater both to large organisations seeking to supplement their existing low carbon and sustainability capabilities as well as smaller organisations that need insightful and robust research and consulting support for their normal business activities.

Cambridge Modelling’s innovative expertise and suite of analysis tools and software packages allow us to quickly respond to the needs of our clients providing practical solutions and valuable insights.

The capabilities of Cambridge Modelling can be adapted to a range of challenges and we are always happy to discuss how our expertise can be applied to your particular area of concern.

Please see our recent publications for a list of reports from our recent projects in which the clients have made the outputs publicly available.