DECC Adopts Cambridge Modelling Forecasting Recommendations

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has now adopted all of the feed-in tariff modelling and forecasting recommendations made by Cambridge Modelling in our techno-economic analysis report on UK solar photovoltaic feed-in tariffs. As a result, the rigour and accuracy with which feed-in tariffs in the UK are forecast and administered has been greatly improved, allowing both government and industry to better plan for, and respond to, the long-term changes in UK feed-in tariffs.

The greater insight that these recommended improvements provide into the key sensitivities around component and installation costs – along with their impact on the feed-in tariffs required – gives a more representative indication of future market conditions and supports stable industry growth in the UK. Both of these elements are essential contributors to achieving the sustained and significant levels of industry expansion required in the UK’s low carbon energy generation sector over the coming years.

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