Recent Project Experience

The team at Cambridge Modelling has many years’ experience developing specialist models and innovative solutions for private, government and NGO sector clients. This work has spanned industries including energy, transportation, infrastructure, natural resources, insurance and telecommunications. Some examples of recent project experience include (by client sector):

Large Public Company

In this project an innovative probabilistic model was built specifically to help the client company with climate change adaptation aspects of its major infrastructure planning, risk minimisation analysis and long-term strategy. By quantitatively rationalising a large range of possible future business scenarios, this model made it possible to identify potentially high-impact, unanticipated “Black Swan Events”.

Global Finance and Accounting Group

This project involved developing a model capable of forecasting industry and workforce deployment trends over time taking into account industrial, economic, demographic, government policy and climate impacts. This model was designed to be fully compatible with two other existing models (one scientific and one financial) already used by the client.

Independent Research Organisation

A project requiring the creation of a policy analysis tool capable of simulating the quantitative impact of government policies on future greenhouse gas emissions. This computational tool enabled the client to make a thorough and insightful comparison of the likely impact of various government policy proposals.

Global Conservation Charity

A project in which the client needed a rigorous scientific report for its global advocacy work. Meeting this need involved building a full suite of climate change mitigation simulations and preparing a comprehensive analysis report on the findings.